Natural Nails.
Identity Salon Day Spa will help keep your hands looking perfect, and there’s nothing more relaxing for men or women than a hot foot bath with massage and private spa pedicure...

Spa Pedicure.
Which would you prefer? A lush, professional service in a beautiful, private room with subdued lighting and a relaxed atmosphere? Or a pedicure in the middle of a large, busy and noisy room? Would you prefer a commitment to cleanliness and sanitation that EXCEEDS the standards established by the State of Washington, or a salon that provides the bare minimum?

At some salons, sanitation can be a real problem. Not at Identity, where your health is our greatest concern. At Identity Salon Day Spa our pedicure prices are likely more expensive than other area salons. But outside of sharing the same service name, they are very different! We offer the calm and privacy that should always come with this service - but in our area rarely does.

We disinfect, sanitize and thoroughly clean our equipment after every service and offer an unparallelled commitment to professionalism for your health and safety. Like all of our other services, you can also rely on skilled professional technicians to provide you with the highest quality service available in our area.

Spa Manicure.
We will shape, file and buff your nails, treat you to a soothing paraffin dip to moisten and refresh your skin, massage your hands to help alleviate stress and tension, and then finish with the polish (optional) of your choice.

We no longer offer acrylic nail services, but we can remove your acrylics to help you transition back to healthier, natural nails.

These services are for Men, too...
Men, do you work with the public in a professional capacity using your hands? You would be amazed at the impression a professional manicure can make on a client. Do you spend a great deal of time on your feet? A client who is a construction foreman laughed about how his crew gave him a hard time about him having regular pedicures, but after the end of a long day on his feet, he always had the last laugh after a relaxing hot soak and refreshing foot massage!

See the current Identity Salon Day Spa Service Menu for additional service details and prices.

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